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Winners 2015
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 is on

 TUESDAY 11th JULY 2017



8 to 8.15 (approx) Following the Association AGM

 Any outstanding fees for the Summer League and Individual KO should be paid at this meeting.


Other items available

2nd half handicaps

Individual and Teams KO update

Draw for Champ of Champs



Teams not in attendance will be fined




Sheffield and District League

(a)   If the striker, in making a stroke, fails to first hit a ball on when there is a clear path in a straight line from the cue-ball to central full ball contact of a ball that is or could be on, (that means if you canít hit the left or right edge of a ball on, but you can hit the centre) the referee shall always call FOUL AND A MISS, unless either player needed penalty points before, or as a result, of the stroke being played.

The next player can play from where the balls come to rest, ask the offender to play again from the position left, or at his discretion, have the balls replaced to their original position. If replaced,

(i)                A further failure to first hit a ball on shall be called FOUL AND A MISS regardless of the difference in scores.

(ii)              If asked to play again from the original position, the offender shall be warned by the referee that a third failure will result in the frame being awarded to his opponent.


(b) If you cannot hit any object ball centre ball striking, a FOUL AND A MISS will be called regardless of the difficulty of shot. When a foul and a miss is called, all balls moved will be replaced if requested by the player. The maximum amount of foul and a miss calls for one snooker is three times. After the third miss the incoming player has the following options.

(i)                Play himself from where the balls come to rest at a ball on; and, if snookered on all balls on, he has a free ball.

(ii)              Ask his opponent to play from where the balls have come to rest;

(iii)            Have the cue-ball in hand, which is to place it in the ĎDí. He then has to play at a ball on i.e. if reds are on the table he is on a red. If snookered on all balls on, he has a free ball. He isnít allowed to ask his opponent to play from the ĎDí.


If either player needs penalty points before or as a result of the stroke being played, no miss will be called unless the referee considers that the striker has made no effort at all to hit the ball on.



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