Winners 2017

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Star Cup Sheffield Newspapers Div. Winners Play Off Treeton Club
Schweitzer Trophy Mr P. Schweitzer Runners-up to Star Cup Cueball
Herriot Trophy Eckington S.C. Div. Runners-up Play Off Allied S.C. No 2
Steeples Trophy Mr T. Steeples Runners-up to Herriot Trophy Carlton SC No2
Premier League Winners Cup Snookercues4u Premier League Steelers Bar No1
Premier League Runners up Cup S&DASL Premier League Player of the year Shaun Wilkes
Mick Brodie Cup Steelers sports Bar No 1 Premier Division Highest Break Wayne Wootton  113
Hogan Cup Mr D. G. Hogan A. Division Winners Sheffield Transport No 1
A Div. Player of the year Chris Horne
Fitzpatrick & Longley Cup Fitzpatrick & Longley B. Division Winners Lowoods Club
B. Div. Player of the year Luke Gardiner
Tennants Cup Tennant Bros. Ltd C. Division Winners Treeton Club
C. Div. Player of the year Dave Glasby
Holt Cup W. Holt & Co D. Division Winners Saxon Hotel
D. Div. Player of the year Kurtis Norman
Charlton Cup Mr W. Charlton E.  Division Winners Colley WMC
E. Div. Player of the year Ricky Dawson
Tetley Cup J. Tetley & Son Highest League Break Wayne Wootton 113
Players Cup S&DASL Player of the year Champion David Glasby
Beedham Trophy Mr T. Beedham Sporting Team Sheffield Transport No 2
Bentley Cup Messrs Bentley Allied S.C. Bentley Cup Darnall Victory Club
Capper Trophy Mr A. Capper Runners-up to Bentley Cup Chapeltown Phoenix
Allied Trophy Allied SC Bentley Cup Highest Break Mark Chapman  72
Steelers TKO Cup Steelers Sports Bar Steelers Teams K.O. Corner Pocket
Amateur Teams Cup B. C. C. Runners-up to Teams K.O. Steelers Bar No 5
Riley's Cup Riley's Teams KO Highest Break Btrett Miller  100
Staffordshire Arms Cup W. Hibbert Firth Park WMC K.O. Cup Sheffield Transport B
Pinegrove Trophy Pinegrove C.C. Runners-up to K.O.Cup Cueball No 2
Dean Silson Cup Chapeltown WMC KO Cup Highest Break Dave Portman  68
Clare Cup Messrs. Clare Players lounge
Sheffield Championship
David Birley
Goodison Cup Heeley SC R/up in Sheff. Championship Martin Finnigan
Marshall Cup Coors Brewers Stones Bitter Marshall Cup Carl Whitby
Pennine Trophy S. Webster& Son Ltd Runner-up in Marshall Cup Will Lemons
Presidents Cup H. Dean Over 50's handicap  K.O. John Hewitt
Seffers Cup H. Dean Runner up John Robinson
Jubilee Cup S&DASL 18 - 23 KO  
Parsons Cup S&DASL Runner up  
Brian Briggs Trophy Brian Briggs Junior Under 19ís Winner Callum Beresford
Colley Cup Colley WMC Junior Under 19ís Runner-up Isa Ishtiaq
Proctor Cup A. Proctor Doubles Handicap Martin Lawrence - John Hewitt
Edwin Melia Trophy Edwin Melia Runners-up in Doubles Jason Evans - Joe Markie


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