D.Herriot Trophy

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The David Herriot Trophy

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Hustlers Snooker Centre

Play off for teams finishing second and third in each division

13-14 Steelers Sports Bar No 2
12-13 Laycock Sports No 1
11-12 Woodseats W.M.C. (C Div)
10-11 Players Lounge No.3 (A Div)
09-10 Bellhouse W.M.C. (B Div)
08-09 147 Sn.C. No.3 (A Div)
07-08 Boundary S.C. (B Div)
06-07 Chapeltown W.M.C. (A Div)
05-06 Cue Ball Four No.2 (B Div)
STEEPLES TROPHY (2nd place Play Off )
04 Aurora (A Div)
03 Cue Ball Four No.4 (D Div)
02 Darnall Libs. (B Div)
01 Spot On Sn.C. No.2 (B Div)
00 Sheffield Lane W.M.C. (G Div)
99 Cueball Four No.2 (D Div)
98 Redwing Eng (C Div)
97 Manpower No.1 (E Div)
96 Spot On Sn.C. No.2 (D Div)
95 Chapeltown W.M.C. No.1 (D Div)
94 Rileys No.2 (E Div)
93 Radion Executive (H Div)
92 Top Spot '89 (F Div)
91 St.Vincents C.C.No.1 (A Div)
 bt Co-op Cues (L Div)
90 Mainspring Promotions (G Div)
89 Mainspring Promotions (H Div)
88 Lindsay No.1 (L Div)
87 Attercliffe V.C. No.1 (C Div)
86 Wadsley Bridge W.M.C. No.1 (B Div)
85 Rotherham Transport No.2 (I Div)
84 Swallownest M.W. No.2 (I Div)
83 Sheffield Sn.C. No.1 (C Div)
82 East Dene S. C. No.1 (A Div)
81 Burngreave C&I No.1 (G Div)
80 Wadsley Bridge W.M.C. (C Div)
79 Queens Road S.C. (J Div)
78 Bellhouse W.M.C. No.1 (A Div)
77 Dormer Sports (F Div)
76 Thorncliffe S.C. (C Div)
75 Darnall Libs. No.1 (A Div)
74 Thorncliffe S.C. (E Div)
73 St.Phillips S.C. No.1 (A Div)
72 Hartley House S.C. (A Div)
71 High Green W.M.C. (G Div)
70 Handsworth S.C. (G Div)
69 Darnall Cons. No.1 (A Div)
68 Clowne Libs. (A Div)
67 Darnall Libs. No.1 (A Div)
66 Clowne Libs. (A Div)






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