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 Tournament Rules & Conditions

Section 1. Standard

a)      The Tournament to be open to ALL players aged 18 and under at the start of the season and who are members of the S.&D.A.S.L. Proof of age may be requested.

b)     In all Tournaments, the S.&D.A.S.L., will appoint a Tournament Director to run the event. His decision in all matters will be final.

c)     A DRESS CODE will apply to all matches and will be as follows;

(i)                Dark trousers (school uniform type)

(ii)             Plain, collared shirt or polo top

(iii)           Dark shoes (school uniform type) and not trainers or sandals



Section 2. Tournament

The TD will decide on the format of each event depending on entries. One of the following formats will be used;


      a)   A round Robin event when all players play each other a designated number of frames.           

      b)  The top 4 players winning the most number of frames will play a semi final and Final to determine an overall winner.

      c)  Groups may be used if necessary.


a)      Main KO. Each entry will be put into a draw and will play 3 frames in each match. The winners in each round will progress to the next round until the event has an overall winner.

b)     Plate. First round losers (& second round, subject to entries) may enter a plate tournament the format the same as the Main KO.


Points will be awarded as follows;

     a)   10 points per entry (only awarded after the player has played, ie. no play, no points).

     b)  4 points awarded per frame won in

  • i) Round Robin stages or
  • ii) Main KO

     c)    2 points awarded per frame won in the Plate KO

  • In both KO`s if a preliminary round is necessary, the winner will receive half value points and the loser full points.

d)  Last 4 in the Round Robin events will receive the following points; Winner 15, Runner Up 10 and semi finalist 5.

e)     Prizes will be awarded to winners in both Main and Plate KO`s in each event or to the top 4 players in the Round Robin event.

f)      Double point events will be held on occasions at the organisers discretion.


Entry fee will be 10 per venue and entitles entrants to;

(i)                S.&D.A.S.L. membership

(ii) a       Main Tournament and Plate KO (if applicable) or

      b    Group/round robin stages


Section 3.General

Events will be held as frequently as possible at venues throughout the Sheffield and surrounding areas (subject to availability) and the following will apply;

a)      All events will commence at 10.30am unless notified otherwise (late entries will not be accepted).

b)     Points from each event carry forward to the next event until all events have been completed and a Final table is compiled. Players will receive a League table update after each event together with the date of the next event.

c)     Entry is acceptance of these rules & conditions.

d)     The S.&D.A.S.L. reserve the right to alter any of the above without prior notice and anything not covered will be dealt with by the S.&D.A.S.L.



The designated Tournament Director at each event is an Executive Committee Member of the League. Further details can be obtained from the League itself .



General Secretary, Keith Sedgewick,

Chairman, Paul Bannister

Vice Chairman, Roger Betts

Finance Secretary, Arnold Greenwood

Competition Secretary, Terry Crofts

Junior Events Co-ordinators, Ricky James & David Ford


May 2017


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